Sanity check-list for leaving the house with a baby

Nov 21, 2021 3 min read

And still have energy for the actual trip

I know what you must be thinking: I do this all the time, sometimes several times a day, how can I forget stuff?

And my answer to you is: give yourself grace and remember, raising a child is not easy! You can’t remember the last time you had an uninterrupted night sleep or a shower that took more than 5 minutes, forgetting things is this season’s norm, it will pass, I promise.

There are three categories you need to worry about, this info will help you through newborn stage, toddler and when your kiddos are older, just need to adapt it to be age appropriate:

  • something to change them in
  • something to eat
  • and something to play with

A few props that I have purchased and that have made my life easier:

Ikea zipper bags to organize clothes, food, toys, books, whatever I am taking as I leave the house:

And here is an alternative from Amazon if Ikea is not an option as well as a few other products I stronly recommed:

For changing the baby (I typically bundle all these in one Ikea bag and have it ready by the door.):

  • an extra set of clothes
  • nappies
  • wet wipes
  • a portable changing mat
  • a few re-sealable zipper bags, just in case

For feeding the baby:

  • whether it’s snacks or the formula and the bottles or if you use any props for breastfeeding, make sure you’re covered. For snacks, we’re using these great containers that I swear by:
  • Extra wet wipes, I usually have an extra pack with me that is more easily accesible.

Always have a few options and generally, pack more than you think you’ll need :)

For playing, it looks easy. You can bundle the items into 2 categories:

  • toys
  • books

I always give my son a chance to choose what he wants to take with him, it’s a great way to give them control over the things they can influence. Also, tip for travelling longer distances that may end up in fusiness or boredom, grab with you some new toys or books with things they love. Make sure to give them one by one and never from the beginning, wait for the child to show signs of boredom with their known toys and books.

Bonus for making it to the end of the article, thank you for reading through and I hope you found this helpful. Here is a free downloadable check list for travelling with a child, what you need to pack. Let me know if you suggest other items to go on the list.

Baby Travel Checklist

Much love, Anna