Perfect gift for expecting moms and new moms

Nov 11, 2021 4 min read

I remember googling desperately what to get my friends that had babies before me and coming across some pretty expensive gifts that were beautifully wrapped, but always included things I didn’t think they would like or a price tag that was over my budget. So I have gathered ideas for gifts that will cost you some money or your time, but each one will most likely be appreciated by most.

Pampering ideas

Providing there is no pandemic or lockdown when you read these, choose from this list:

  • prenatal massage

  • a day at the spa

  • a mani-pedi

  • a facial

Whichever the treatment, make sure you call in advance and confirm they can assist pregnant women. I got a massage just days before giving birth and I remember leaving the place feeling so relaxed and for a day my back did not hurt at all. May not sound like a lot, but it meant the world to me.

A photoshoot, pre-baby or for baby’s first photos. Also supports a local small business, it’s a win-win.

One or more items needed for the hospital bag (lounge wear, slippers, extra long cord for the charger). Or the bag itself.

Anything that can save them time. Some of these items are pretty pricey, you may want to share the cost with another friend: a cordless vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum and mop cleaner, a food processor, a crockpot or simply a wireless phone charger

Very little money needed (and most likely your time):

A casserole dish to freeze and have once the baby is here or to enjoy during the last stretch before the baby arrives. And repeat as often as you can with the dishes you know they like (and hopefully you like too to keep some for you).

Support with throwing a baby shower party. You can help your friend put together the guest list, sending out invitations/text messages or simply set-up a Facebook event, ordering the food, the drinks, the decorations (and help set-up on the day). I didn’t have one due to Covid, I was bumped, but also relieved as it felt like a lot of work. So having a friend to help would have been a blessing.

Sentimental gifts or props to help build great memories. You can give them one or more of the following:

  • milestone cards
  • baby journal
  • hand and foot print kit
  • memories box
  • a frame with a photo of them pregnant

It will cost less if you can thrift the items (such as the frame, the memories box) or DIY them (like the milestone cards or paint an old chest, maybe thrifted, to make it into a memories box). This section here contains my most treasured gifts and I hope I can enjoy for a long time and also pass on to the next generation.

Here are some of my favorite affortable Amazon options:

No money needed:

Babysitting for them is probably the best gift you can give them. Whether it’s to relax for a few hours, take a loong shower, do some shopping, go to a cafe and enjoy some alone time, she will appreciate this more than (almost) anything money can buy.

Help them decorate the baby’s room or clean the house or organize the kitchen - whatever mamma feels the need to accomplish while nesting.

And generally, if you can, offer them your time: to wrap presents, to buy things from the store for them, to bring takeout or a good coffee you know they like.

Motherhood takes all of your time to begin with and it feels like it will be like this forever. It’s the little things that help you get through each day.

Thank you for reading this far and I am hoping this inspires you to find the perfect gift. If you have other ideas, do share them in the comment box below so we can all get new inspiration.

Much love,